SuperM Answers K-Pop Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

The members of SuperM use the power of Twitter to answer common questions about SuperM and K-pop. While doing so, Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas, and Mark all say nice things about each other, reveal their favorite K-pop bands and talk about their all time favorite music videos. Some of the questions asked include: Are you ever too old to get into K-pop? What are the significance of light sticks in K-pop? Are K-pop music videos addictive?

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The second half of the SuperM: We Are The Future Tour kicks off January 30, 2020 in San Diego. Listen to the group’s first mini album, SuperM here:

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SuperM Answers K-Pop Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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