Amazon Opens Datacentres in Brazil

Amazon has opened a number of new datacentres in Brazil – marking the eight geographical region to become part of the “burstable” cloud hosting platform marketed by the company.

Rather than build their own datacentres, businesses are being encouraged to use flexible bandwidth packages which share the data load across several thousand servers at Amazon. When websites experience heavy load, this “bustable” service expands to cope, rather than overloading any server rented or owned by the company in question. Cloud hosting reduces the risk in having to forecast server usage and match hardware accordingly, one of the only downsides being the unpredictable bill at the end of the month.

Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services commented:

“South America is full of innovative companies and with the move into this region we are excited to help even more businesses innovate faster, accelerate their pace of technology delivery, and save money by either migrating their existing systems to the cloud, or starting fresh with AWS-powered environments.”

The new datacentres in Sao Paulo will help to reduce latency to end users in South America, with an airline, coupon service and financial institution already signed up.

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