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Taiwan: Typhoon Morakot

Flights have been cancelled and the financial markets remain closed as Typhoon Morakot continues to batter the island of Taiwan. Premier Tsao-Hsuian Liu has visited the damaged areas and instructed the Central Operation Center of the National Fire Agency to establish a headquarters in Pintung County.

Fishermen have been reported missing and a woman is said to have died after being swept away by raging flood waters. The National Fire Agency reports 3 fatalities, 31 people lost in contact, 27 injured and 1,521,037 households experiencing power failures. Nearly two thousand rescue workers have been sent to stricken areas and 97 boats are being used in operations which have seen 3374 people evacuated.

Cloud Sat Image of Typhoon Marakot (NASA)
Cloud Sat Image of Typhoon Marakot (Courtesy NASA)

The highest recorded rainfall was 2459mm between midnight on August 6th and August 9th on Mt Weiliao, Pintung County. The latest report shows the eye of the storm approximately 50km East of Kinmen on the sea surface moving North-North-East turning North and moving at a rate of around 10km/hr. The Beaufort 10 radius is 250km and the Baeufort 7 radius is 80km.

For the latest weather reports, please visit the National Fire Agency of Taiwan (English version).

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