Polly’s Top 5 Coronavirus Tribes. Which one is yours?! | #PollyBites

Polly Boiko is back with another of her #PollyBites to enjoy while the lockdown continues. Forget outdated labels like ‘lefties’, ‘snowflakes’ or just plain old ‘wrong’uns’! The coronavirus crisis has created a whole new set of cultural identities Here’s Polly Boiko’s Top 5 Coronavirus Tribes. Which one is yours?! Russia Today YouTube Channel

Ever told a 5-year-old to socially distance? | #PollyBites

If you live in Europe and have little children, it’s likely they’re going back to school after a massive lockdown holiday. Sure, the school has assured you that they’ve put in place some special ‘pandemic measures’…but as that stain on your sofa, and the tear on your…curtains…will attest, never underestimate the ability of children, to … Read more Ever told a 5-year-old to socially distance? | #PollyBites

Has COVID-19 cancelled offices? | #PollyBites

WFH (working from home, duhh!) has become the new normal. So much so, that offices might be cancelled indefinitely, seeing as it’s a whole lot cheaper and safer to keep the office plankton at home. Which is great, because you can avoid that soul-destroying commute, annoying colleagues, lecherous bosses and unanswered calls to IT. Oh … Read more Has COVID-19 cancelled offices? | #PollyBites

Could COVID-19 be milder than we thought? | #PollyBites

German academics have found that almost 2 million Germans may be infected with COVID-19 and 1 in 5 of those, don’t even show symptoms! That’s got Polly Boiko thinking…was EVERYTHING that’s been happening these past weeks a major overreaction? Russia Today YouTube Channel

Lockdown science: Is it political? | #PollyBites

It’s the Karl Marx and Ayn Rand of lockdown scientists! Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London and Professor Johan Giesecke from…Sweden. Ferguson’s cautious forecasts scared the UK government into a regime of strict social distancing, while Giesecke’s calm attitude and talk of ‘herd immunity’ has influenced Sweden’s anti-lockdown policy. Ferguson says stay home and … Read more Lockdown science: Is it political? | #PollyBites

Top 5 people having a great pandemic | #PollyBites

It doesn’t matter how much misery and economic hardship is caused by the coronavirus pandemic, someone always benefits! And guess what? It just happens to be the usual suspects. Watch Polly Boiko’s list of 5 people having a GREAT pandemic. Russia Today YouTube Channel

Are there really more important things than living?!? | #PollyBites

Polly Boiko posted another #PollyBites for Russia Today, the Russian state-funded broadcaster. Tired of informed politicians and brainy scientists lecturing you about the perils of lockdown being lifted? Take a listen to the OTHER side of the argument. Polly Boiko did and she discovered existentialism…and (perhaps for the first time ever) was thankful for…statisticians Russia … Read more Are there really more important things than living?!? | #PollyBites

Surveillance: The only way out of lockdown? | #PollyBites

Want to have a chance of leaving the house in the post-corona landscape? Going to a restaurant? Jetting off on that mini-break to Lisbon? Well it’s going to involve some sacrifices…namely, surrendering your privacy! Before you start writing your protest placards about big brother and civil liberties….take a listen to what Polly Boiko has to … Read more Surveillance: The only way out of lockdown? | #PollyBites

Nurses’ Haka: Cultural appropriation? | #PollyBites

Some nurses in the UK thought they’d try and boost morale among fellow worn-out medics…and the world. So they posted a video of their very own haka-homage. It’s a sacred Maori warrior dance all about beating your opponents. Except the nurses made it all about beating corona. The headband-wearing nurses chant ‘you’ll never beat us, … Read more Nurses’ Haka: Cultural appropriation? | #PollyBites

Self isolation: is there a hierarchy? | #PollyBites

Self-isolation – it’s not quite the same for A-list celebrities and tech billionaires as it is for us mere mortals. But does that stop them from preaching to us about staying home? NO. And more importantly, does it stop them from failing to follow their own stupid advice…Polly Boiko takes a look. Russia Today YouTube … Read more Self isolation: is there a hierarchy? | #PollyBites

Wanted! Protective face masks | #PollyBites

Russia Today‘s Polly Boiko is back with another of her interesting takes on the novel coronavirus pandemic. Hold on to your….masks! With #COVID19 raging around the globe, healthcare systems are under pressure to protect their medical personnel from the coronavirus. France and Germany have ordered extra masks from China. There’s just one problem, America keeps … Read more Wanted! Protective face masks | #PollyBites

Swellarus: The Coronavirus Outliers

Keep going to school, drink vodka and mingle…said no one when it comes to tackling the coronavirus crisis. Except…Sweden and…Belarus. This unlikely duo of nations is throwing caution to the wind. And as Polly Boiko explains, the final death toll (as morbid as that sounds), may just prove them right. Russia Today YouTube Channel

Polly Boiko Brief Biography

Polly Boiko works mainly as a journalist for RT, and also presents a show called ICYMI on the RT YouTube channel.

Prior to RT’s UK launch in 2014, Boiko previously worked as London correspondent for the Russian outlet. According to her LinkedIn profile, Boiko has previously worked for Voice of Russia, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, and Conde Nast.

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