Grant Shapps Brief Biography

  • Born: 14 September 1968, Croxley Green, UK
  • Full name: Grant David Shapps
  • Spouse: Belinda Shapps (m. 1997)
  • Previous office: Minister of State, Department for International Development (2015–2015)
  • Office: Secretary of State for Transport of the United Kingdom since 2019
  • Education: Watford Boys Grammar School, Manchester Metropolitan University

Scandal has blighted Grant Shapps’ career in politics, yet he has found himself close to Government.

Shapps was named in a cash scandal by The Guardian in 2008.

He was found to be operating a business under a pseudonym (moonlighting) while serving as an MP in 2012.

He also resigned as Chairman of the Conservative Party in 2014 for his part in a bullying and electoral fraud issues surrounding the RoadTrip2015 fiasco.