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December, 2012

  • 17 December

    Australia Restores Post of High Commissioner to Fiji

    Australia has restored the post of High Commissioner to Fiji, three years after the previous commissioner was expelled in 2009. Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, said the move followed trilateral talks between New Zealand, Fiji & Australia in Sydney on 30th July 2012. At the meeting held with New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully, Bob Carr and his opposite number in …

March, 2012

  • 13 March

    UK Focuses UN Attention on “Arab Spring”

    The UK has taken its opportunity as the current president of the UN Security Council to focus attention on the “Arab Spring” which saw unrest and regime change in several North African and Middle Eastern nations in the past few years. Chairing a debate at the council, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, called the Arab Spring “most significant event …

February, 2012

  • 8 February

    Signs of Hope on Climate Change – in Unexpected Places

    Remember the heady days of 2009? The world – or at least the world’s media – was rocked by such hot topics as the death of Michael Jackson, the spread of swine flu, the Iranian elections and the new Star Trek movie; as if that wasn’t enough, there was also something called climate change that was pushing us into global …

December, 2011

  • 7 December

    Possible Outcomes of the Eurozone Crisis – A Forecast from Clem Chambers

    Clem Chambers, CEO of financial information site ADVFN and author of ‘101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners’ discusses five possible outcomes of the Euro crisis. Will the Euro currency break down completely? Could there be a partial break-up of the Eurozone? Will ‘Merkosy’ convince financially renegade countries to accept tighter control from Brussels over spending; or can everything, somehow, …

November, 2011

  • 14 November

    Herman van Rompuy “We Need More Europe”

    The President of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy, has issued a clarion call to Europe’s leaders to renew their faith in the European project. In an eloquent speech marking the start of the academic year at the European University Institute in Florence, he said that his meetings with leaders in the last few weeks made him sure that there …

September, 2011

  • 23 September

    Nationalised Government Cannot Contend with International Market – Rudd

    Australian Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has called for reform of the global financial sector at the 66th General Assembly of the UN on Thursday 22nd September 2011. Mr Rudd recognised that in order to counteract the destructive activities of major financial institutions, a political innovation would be required that acted beyond each electoral cycle. Furthermore, he …

  • 7 September

    The Global Herald Interview Series: Ramesh Chennithala – President of Kerala PCC

    Ramesh Chennithala is the President of the Kerala state chapter of the Indian National Congress. The Indian National Congress (INC) is one of the two main parties in Indian national politics. In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the INC won the majority of seats and formed a coalition government named the United Progressive Alliance. At state level, the work of …

May, 2011

  • 24 May

    Political Crisis Deepens in Nepal as Deadline for Constitution Looms

    Nepal’s 3-year-old Constituent Assembly is scheduled to expire on 28th May 2011. The assembly has a mandate to carve a new republic and federal statute. Political crisis is looming large in the Himalayan country as political parties have failed to reach an agreement on the modality of a future constitution and new roadmap for peace. The general life across the …

  • 7 May

    UK: Britain Votes “No” to Alternative Vote System

    The electorate of the UK has sounded a resounding “No” to plans for electoral reform in the constitutional monarchy. 13,013,123 said no to introducing the Alternative Vote System which would produce fairer results in marginal seats. This represents 67.9% of the total vote on the issue. 6,152,607 people voted for the Alternative Vote system. For the foreseeable future, Britain will …

April, 2011

  • 8 April

    Law: Dialogues in a Constitutional Democracy – South Africa

    The South African Constitution, and in particular its Bill of Rights, is widely recognised as one of the most progressive in the world. Nevertheless, as venerated as it is, this Constitution remains a written document and, as any constitution, needs action from government and citizens alike to transform it into a living document and ensure its full applicability. At the …