More about David and Sally Abel

David and Sally Abel are a couple who found themselves caught up in the start of a health crisis, when the cruise liner they were sailing on, the Diamond Princess, held passengers who contracted the novel Coronavirus, off the coast of Japan.

Their regular postings to social media and video link-ups with news agencies saw them rise to an amount of fame during their time on the stricken ship.

David Abel posts regular updates, including live Vlog items, on his YouTube Channel.

Conflicting reports suggested the couple did contract the virus in February 2020, and that they may be flown back to Britain. It later transpired they had contracted coronavirus, and Covid-19 – the complication – as well as pneumonia as a result of the virus.

The couple had been quarantined on the ship, which docked off Japan, for several weeks.

They were hospitalised in Japan, as of February 26 2020.

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