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February, 2012

  • 8 February

    The Church as Conscientious Objector?

    In response to the religious and moral insensitivity of the recently publicized federal mandate requiring religious institutions to include life terminating and contraceptive procedures as part of employer provided healthcare the face of the conscientious objector has changed. This change has resulted in many of the most charitable religious and social organizations such as Catholic Charities being morally forced to …

January, 2012

  • 24 January

    39th Anniversary of US Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion: “Roe vs Wade”

    Defenders of infants’ right to life recognize January 23, 2012 as a reminder of the day when the US judicial system ceased to defend the truly innocent.  It was on this day 39 years ago that our highest and most respected judicial institution, the United States Supreme Court handed down the decision that made wholesale, constitutionally protected “murder” an American …

  • 6 January

    Policy to Unite Christians in Catholicism “A Truly Ecumenical Act” – William Johnstone

    With the establishment of a second Ordinariate in America – recently announced as the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter – the process of healing the wounds of the Reformation continues. But along with the joy of welcoming Anglicans into the Church there have been a few cries of dissent. Various onlookers see the initiative as an attempt by …

  • 3 January

    Eternal Law – Modernised Morality Drama Series Set in York

    Eternal Law is a new series from ITV which sees angels taking on the role of practising lawyers in the historic city of York in Northern England. York Minster – one of the most striking Churches in Europe – has always provided temptation for camera crews, but for the first time will play host to a full series portraying the …

March, 2011

  • 15 March

    Faith: Is Religion the Real Problem in the Middle East?

    Those who enjoy the blame-game prefer it not to be a multiple choice question. A problem has to be all the fault of religion; for example the headline is “religious riots” if the criminals burning down churches and mosques happen to belong to different religions. Or, alternatively, the problem is all about land, ethnicity or nationalism; nothing to do with religion. Life would be …

  • 2 March

    Egypt: Coptic Christians Face Persecution

    Protests broke out in Asyut on 23rd February after the funeral of a Coptic Priest, stabbed in his home on Monday 21st February, with around 3,000 Copts attacking shops and cars owned by Muslims, according to the UN. Gamaa Islamiyah, a Salafist group that renounced violence years ago, condemned the murder and called for restraint. On Wednesday 23rd February, 2,000 …

  • 2 March

    Egypt: Ending Sectarianism is Next Hurdle

    “Say oh Hussein, Say oh Bulus, Tomorrow Egypt will follow Tunis”- was a chant commonly heard in the streets of Egypt in the weeks leading up to the fall of Mubarak on the 11th February. The two names, Hussein and Bulus are telling- both are commonly found in Egypt although the former isalmost exclusively a Muslim name, while the later …

February, 2011

  • 10 February

    Religion: California Death Row Investment – A Moral Dilemma?

    +Catholicos Scholarios-Gennadius III is the OSB Vicar General of America and All-Canada Archbishop New York & East Coast of America Ecumenical Canonical Orthodox Church Metropolitan-Archbishop at the The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church San Rafael, California/Washington, DC. Here he tackles the difficult question of spending priorities in a state which maintains the death penalty: The Marin Independent Journal newspaper, whose headquarters …

December, 2010

  • 1 December

    Russian Government Returns Religious Properties to Orthodox Church

    The Russian government has passed a law on the restitution of religious properties to religious organisations. On 30th November, President Dmitry Medvedev took the opportunity to inform the Patriarch Kirill personally inside one of the Kremlin’s chapels. The law has seen vigorous debate, but the President defended the compromises: “I believe that the optimal version of the law has been …

November, 2010

  • 16 November

    Is Religiosity and Food an Unhealthy Combination?

    Can food and religiosity be combined in a healthy way? +Catholicos Scholarios-Gennadius III, OSB Vicar General of America, asks. It has been historically customary for the faithful to be regaled most Sunday mornings with stories and parables demonstrating the negative consequences of our choices and actions. For instance, we recall the parable of the “Withered Fig Tree” (Mark 11:20-26), which …