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Tactical Force – Starring Steve Austin – Released on DVD 31st October 2011

Tactical Force DVD

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and his gung-ho team of fellow fighting stars feature in this tongue-in-cheek beat-em-up movie.

Promising shoot-outs, fist fights and not too much dialogue, Tactical Force is a straight-forward action film for those in the mood for light entertainment.

The Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team are the main protagonists, oozing machismo and bare knuckle skill. However, the men are in need of some serious discipline:

“After a disastrous attempt to rescue real hostages, the team are sent to a desolate location to improve their mission tactics. Stumbling across an illegal secret operation, they are plunged head first into an all-too-real battle. Pitted against two rival gangs whilst trapped in an abandoned hangar armed with nothing but blanks, the team must prepare to put their new skills to the test and lay down the law in this action-packed crime thriller. This drill just got real…”

Ideal for big fans of the skills of Michael Jai White, or followers of Steve Austin and Michael Shanks, Tactical Force is a blunt instrument of entertainment.

Tactical Force will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 31 October 2011.


Steve Austin (The Expendables)
Michael Shanks (Arctic Blast)
Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight)

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