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Subscribing to The Global Herald is completely free, and allows you to keep abreast of the latest news and opinion pieces as they are published. There are a number of subscription methods, which allow you to keep up-to-date in the manner which suits you best.

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“Like” The Global Herald on Facebook

A link to every story published in The Global Herald is placed onto the official The Global Herald Facebook page.

Click here to visit The Global Herald Facebook page – press “Like” to stay informed when new stories are published via Facebook.

“Follow” The Global Herald on Twitter

Those who use Twitter can stay informed of the latest stories on The Global Herald by following the official Twitter stream.

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Subscribe to The Global Herald by RSS

Users may subscribe to The Global Herald by RSS, or webmasters may place a list of the latest stories published within The Global Herald to be updated by RSS by subscribing to the site RSS feed.

Click here to access The Global Herald RSS Feed.

Get RSS Your Way

Alternatively, you may wish to subscribe to only a certain news category, sub-category, author or news tag. To receive a feed of any section of The Global Herald simply append “/feed/” to the end of any URL containing a list of stories, for example:

The above format may be adapted to suit any category, news tag, author or search term currently active within The Global Herald allowing an almost limitless number of subscription configurations which may be adapted to suit your needs entirely.

Get the news you want, the way you want to receive it, with The Global Herald.

Make The Global Herald your home page

The Global Herald website, whether you access it by a web browser, or a mobile device – is entirely free to access. The easiest way to subscribe to the latest stories, is to make The Global Herald home page your browser home page, and visit frequently to stay up-to-date with the latest articles and comments published on this website. Depending upon your browser, you should click “internet options” or right click the “home” icon to set your browser home page.

You could also set a section of The Global Herald as your home, if you are interested only in one type of news item, for example, Sport ( http://theglobalherald.com/section/sport/ ) or Entertainment ( http://theglobalherald.com/section/entertainment/ ).

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