What happens when the NBA returns? | Nothing Personal with David Samson

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Today’s word of the day is ‘scenario’ as in if the NBA comes back this season how does it finish. Could it go straight to the playoffs? Maybe a preseason like I suggested. Where did this idea to have a quarantined village in Vegas or the Bahamas come from? MLB will pay minor league players until May 31st. That was just announced today, but what does it mean? There are some pros and cons that need to be discussed. Juventus players agreed to a 90M euro pay reduction. Let me explain what this means. So You Wanna Talk To Samson? Someone asked me about a predicament they’re currently in. They spent a lot of money on tickets to games, but the teams have not yet cancelled so they can’t get their money back – they want to know what I would do as team president and what they should do as the fan. Review – Gemini Man. MLBeard Challenge Day 16: Minnesota Twins. Also, let’s have a quick discussion about Dr. James Andrews (the Tommy John man). Role playing is fun! No, not that kind, well yea that kind, but also I’m going to role play a phone call between Tom Brady and Buccaneers management. Do you think Tom cares more for the chance at a ring or the money he got? #waittosee


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