Sailing: Melbourne Regatta 2010 Results

The Melbourne Regatta 2010 has just finished, leading to a raft of new medals in the ISAF Sailing World Cup. The competition will now move to Miami for a regatta at the end of January 2011. The results from the final day of racing were as follows:

49er Medal Race

  1. Delle Karth Nico & Nikolaus Resch – Austria
  2. Peter Burling & Blair Tuke – New Zealand
  3. Erik Storck & Trevor Moore – USA
  4. Nathan Outteridge & Iain Jensen – Australia
  5. Lennart Briesenick-Pudenz & Julian Morten Massmann – Germany
  6. Erik Heil & Thomas Ploessel – Germany
  7. Peter Kruger Andersen & Nicolai Thorsell – Denmark
  8. William Phillips & Samuel Phillips – Australia
  9. Leopold Fricke & Lorenz Huber – Germany
  10. Thomas Zajac & Thomas Czajka – Austria

Finn Medal Race

  1. Ben Ainslie – Great Britain
  2. Edward Wright – Great Britain
  3. Giles Scott – Great Britain
  4. PieterJan Postma – Netherlands
  5. Jonathan Lobert – France
  6. Thomas Le Breton – France
  7. Zach Railey – USA
  8. Andrew Mills – Great Britain
  9. Vasilij Zbogar – Slovakia
  10. Dan Slater – New Zealand

470 Men’s Medal Race

  1. Mathew Belcher & Malcolm Page – Australia
  2. Stuart McNay & Graham Biehl – USA
  3. Samuel Kivell & Will Ryan – Australia
  4. Matthias Schmid & Florian Reichstaedter    – Austria
  5. Adam Roberts & Nick Martin – USA
  6. Ferdinand Gerz & Patrick Follmann – Germany
  7. Max Taylor & Ben Gunther – Australia
  8. Matthew Crawford & Robert Crawford – Australia
  9. Scott Cotton & Robert Size – Australia
  10. Alexander Conway & Patrick Conway – Australia

470 Women’s Medal Race

  1. Kathrin Kadelbach & Friederike Belcher – Germany
  2. Sylvia Vogl & Carolina Flatscher – Austria
  3. Feng Hui min Huang & Li zhu Huang – China
  4. Xiaoli Wang & Xufeng Huang – China
  5. Annina Wagner & Marlene Steinherr – Germany
  6. Hannah Nattrass & Chelsea Hall – Australia
  7. Aurora Paterson & Rebecca Tuma – Australia


  1. Nick Thompson – Great Britain
  2. Tom Burton – Australia
  3. Thomas Slingsby – Australia
  4. Roelof Bouwmeester – Netherlands
  5. Josh Junior – New Zealand
  6. Ryan Palk – Australia
  7. Rutger Schaardenburg – Netherlands
  8. Simon Grotelüschen – Germany
  9. Sam Meech – New Zealand
  10. Jonasz Stelmaszyk – Poland

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