Ryan Babel imitates and mocks opposing ‘injured’ player with fake limp and crying…SAVAGE!

From the UK’s BT Sport:

Ryan Babel mocks opposing player Allan Nyom for going down easily during Ajax’s Europa League clash against Getafe, faking a limp and rolling around on the floor

BT Sport YouTube Channel

Ryan Babel of Ajax can consider himself a little lucky not to pick up a second yellow card for imitating his opponent, by rolling on the floor in mock agony, putting on a fake limp, and imitating crying.

That said, potentially the player had a point, as Getafe’s Allan Nyom did appear to be somewhat exaggerating the pain he was experiencing from Babel’s challenge.

A controversial moment, but entertaining in equal measure, during this UEFA Europa League encounter.

Ajax ended up losing this match 2-0. It was 1-0 at the time of this strange moment. The last laugh is probably with Getafe, who prevented Ajax from scoring an away goal, and carry forward a two goal advantage into the second leg of this Round of 32 tie.

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