Houston Astros DISASTROUS press conference | Nothing Personal with David Samson

Today’s word of the day is ‘Swigert’ as in Jack Swigert the famous astronaut from Apollo 13. Houston, we have a problem. Let’s break down this entire press conference. I want to start with the presser itself and then work my way through everyone who spoke. Jim Crane was not ready at all for what was being asked of him. Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve had two of the worst statements I’ve ever heard. I have some more things to say to Jim Crane. Justin Verlander, come on… be better. AJ Hinch sitdown with MLB Network was all scripted and he still failed. So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? Should more players be suspended and should the title be taken away from the Astros? Review – Knives Out. MLB rules were changes for the 2020 season and let’s discuss why this happened. How many wins will the Astros have this season… Will you be surprised by my answer? #waittosee


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