George Kittle Interview, explains why he is the best fantasy football TE in the NFL | CBS Sports HQ

1:00 Kittle explains what life is like during the Covid-19 Pandemic and how it’s cool living with his parents under the same roof
1:15 Thoughts on players around the NFL opting out for the 2020 season
2:00 Impact of not being at the facilities this offseason
2:40 How have you stayed connected with teammates during this pandemic
3:15 Which WWE wrestling personality does Kittle compare himself to?
4:25 George Kittle does his own promo of why he’s the best tight end in fantasy football
5:10 What would Kittler rather do, catch a TD or put a great block on someone?
5:55 George Kittle’s thoughts on the Patrick Mahomes mega contract extension
6:28 How about a 10-year contract for Kittle?
6:40 What did your agent mean when he said he wants a George Kittle type deal?
7:05 Do you want to stay in San Francisco?
7:35 What was it like to lose the Super Bowl and how much motivation does it drive you to get back?
8:30 What does it mean for your dad to write you a letter before every single game?
9:15 Gatorade beat the heat sponsorship


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