Football: NESV Clear to Buy Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC Badge

The saga of the New England Sports Ventures (NESV) purchase of Liverpool Football Club looks set to conclude in the near future as this morning a restraining order – placed upon the proposed purchase by current co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gilet – was lifted.

The decision means that the Barclays Premier League club may now be transferred in a deal believed to be in the region of £300 million, and, in doing so, clear a £230 million+ debt to RBS, who had threatened the club with point-haemorrhaging administration.

Speaking for the co-owners, lawyer Steve Stodghill told that those involved with the transfer should expect legal recourse, however:

“This outcome not only devalues the club but it also will result in long-term uncertainty for the fans, players and everyone who loves this sport because all legal recourses will be pursued.”

The announcement hints at what has been a sticking-point for Hicks and Gilet throughout: that they believe the club to be worth far more than the £300 million offered by NESV.

At this price, Hicks and Gilet stand to lose around £140 million personally following their 2007 purchase of Liverpool FC for £174 million.

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