Bet365 Website Down for Several Hours – Sunday 30 August 2020

One of the largest online betting businesses in the World, Bet365, experienced a prolonged outage on Sunday 30 August 2020 – the Sunday of a Bank Holiday Weekend – during which its website and apps were unreachable by customers.

Customers who tried to access the Bet365 website were shown a warning that the “connection timed out” – an issue which began around 11am on Sunday, and persisted for several hours afterwards.

The service began responding to Tweets about the outage shortly after 11am BST:

They later described the issue as “network issues beyond our control” experienced by “some customers”.

At this point, the service had been inaccessible for over three hours on a busy weekend for sports betting. All services appeared to be down, with customers reporting the app and the casino were also not accessible during this period.

This issue remained unresolved at 15:16pm BST – over four hours from the first reports of issues coming in over Twitter.

UPDATE – users reported issues were resolved fully around 15:40pm BST. If it was a network issue, it is likely it will take some time to resolve for all users.

Have you experienced issues connecting to Bet365? Or, have you experienced no issues? Leave a moderated comment, below.

1 thought on “Bet365 Website Down for Several Hours – Sunday 30 August 2020”

  1. The new lay out is next to useless. Takes too long to load.
    Furthermore, the change in design of forecast betting is a step backwards.
    I used to enjoy Field to beat a selection, now I don’t bother.
    They can do without my £2k a year.
    Sorry, but there we are.


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