Slavoj Zizek | Coronavirus situation is way too serious to be in panic

Zizek on coronavirus

Russia Today got Slavoj Zizek on to their show to discuss some sociological points in relation to the European impact of novel coronavirus:

Top officials in a number of countries including the UK, US and across the Mediterranean in Europe have been infected by Covid-19… or are in self-quarantine. And many say politics is a vulnerable profession – due to the average age of lawmakers.

Slavoj Zizek talks to RT about the impact of Covid-19 outbreak.

Russia Today YouTube Channel

Zizek on Coronavirus

Below, some key quotes from this interview:

We are now much more aware that we are all in the same boat

Slavoj Zizek on coronavirus

We live in an era of science… [viruses] don’t have a deeper meaning… there can’t be anything more stupid than a virus… it’s stupid, it’s meaningless, and we need science to confront it.

Slavoj Zizek on coronavirus

Today, I hope, we are becoming aware, that we have to act in a united, coordinated way.

Slavoj Zizek on coronavirus

We should act in a united way, helping each other, with resporators and so-on… we have enough of means, we should co-ordinate our activities, we should do it together… either this, or a very very sad world.

Slavoj Zizek on coronavirus

What do you think of Zizek’s Coronavirus Views?

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1 thought on “Slavoj Zizek | Coronavirus situation is way too serious to be in panic”

  1. I accept the spirit of Zizek.
    As human we are responsible for all the evil, not only exclusively WE but also our forebears .
    Imbalance we imposed in nature, environment… brought evil including Corona virus.
    Becoming committed to coordination of cosmos without hidden agenda of oppression is essential.


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