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Skins Series 6 – Starts Monday 23rd January 2012 on E4

Back for a new series, Skins season 6 is set to be the wildest and most stylish yet. The group are heading out on holiday for one last blowout before their final year at college begins.

As they set out for Morocco they are full of optimism and excitement but over the course of the holiday they are plunged into the very depths of despair and tragedy.

Upon their return to England some friendships will fall apart and other, dangerous relationships will begin. Strangers enter the mix and everything will change for good or bad.

The BAFTA winning Skins has been a massive hit since its début on E4 in 2007. With a potent mix of sex, drugs and general youthful, hedonistic self-destruction it enraptured the younger viewers and outraged many parents.

The cast of characters changes every two seasons and so now as we enter series six we have already been with this lot for a full series and will now get to see them tested to the limit.

This latest series is penned by a unique crew of young British writers and executive producer John Griffin is confident they can keep up the show’s tradition of going where others can’t:

“Series six looks to be the most exciting and adventurous Skins run ever. The young writing team have taken the characters they established last year on incredible journeys of self-discovery. Just before their final year at Roundview begins, they go on holiday together and their lives are turned upside down. Set and shot in Morocco the cast and crew have excelled themselves with an extraordinary first episode that includes sun, sex, swimming pools, beach parties and a shocking and devastating car crash. What follows is nine more episodes of the brilliantly written, brilliantly performed fall out.”

Guest appearances from famous actors and comedians are set to continue as well, with cameos from, amongst others, Chris Addison, John Sessions and Dawn Porter.

Skins Season 6 will air on Monday 23rd January 2012 on E4 for UK audiences only


FRANKY played by Dakota Blue Richards
ALO played by Will Merrick
MINI played by Freya Mavor
NICK played by Sean Teale
GRACE played by Jessica Sula
RICH played by Alexander Arnold
LIV played by Laya Lewis
MATTY played by Sebastian De Souza
ALEX played by Sam Jackson

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