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Single Handed – Season 2 Episode 5 – 11th August 2011 at 9pm

Jack Driscoll © ITV

Sergeant Jack Driscoll is called to the scene of a car accident and finds a local girl, Mairead O’Sullivan, mixed up with an older man, James Kerrigan.

Driscoll and Finbarr both suspect that the man was driving, but are unable to stop the young school girl from lying for him and claiming the blame. Mairead’s loyalty to Kerrigan intrigues Driscoll and he follows up the incident, finding that Kerrigan’s hold is greater than he had first thought.

In the first of a two part story, Jack has to balance his controversial relationship with Gemma against his duty to Mairead. In such a small rural village, the news that Jack is living with his cousin’s former fiancée travels fast and turns the mood against him.

Will Finbarr be able to shore up his boss’s standing in the community or will Costello use his leverage over the Garda to undermine his arch nemesis?

With soaring shots of the bleak and beautiful landscape of Western Ireland, Single Handed explores the unique position of rural police officers operating alone. Owen McDonell’s character is an old-fashioned sort of hero – a pillar of the community with principles, fair dealings and great hair. Part heart-throb, part tortured-soul, the son of the previous local garda handles the history, ambitions and weaknesses of the locals in the coastal area of Connemara with discretion, patience and a full tank of petrol.


Jack Driscoll played by Owen McDonnell
Finbarr Colvin played by David Herlihy
Ruairi played by Diarmuid Noyes
Sean Driscoll played by Stephen Rea
Gemma played by Simone Lahbib (Wire in the Blood, Monarch of the Glen)
Brian played by Matthew McNulty (Five Days, Lark Rise to Candleford)
Mrs Driscoll played by Ruth McCabe
Costello played by Sean McGinley (Lewis, Closing the Ring)
Mairead O’Sullivan played by Charlie Murphy
James Kerrigan played by Killian Scott
O’Dowd played by Ronan Leahy


Written by Barry Simner, Colin Teevan, Clive Bradley
Directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan and Charlie McCarthy
Cinematography by Darran Tiernan
Production Design by Derek Wallace
Music by Niall Byrne
Produced by Clare Alan
Executive Producer Rob Pursey

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