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Singapore: People’s Action Party Wins Majority

Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore

The People’s Action Party has won the Singapore parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave a speech at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation 30th Anniversary conference on 9th May 2011 saying that the fight had been tough and emotional, but that his party was ready to take up its mandate for the next five years.

The results were as follows:

Name of Candidate Electoral DivisionParty
Chen Show MaoAljuniedWorker’s Party
Sylvia LimAljuniedWorker’s Party
Low Thia KhiangAljuniedWorker’s Party
Muhamad Faisal Bin Abdul ManapAljuniedWorker’s Party
Pritam SinghAljuniedWorker’s Party
Ang Hin KeeAng Mo KioPeople’s Action Party
Inderjit SinghAng Mo KioPeople’s Action Party
Intan Azura Binte MokhtarAng Mo KioPeople’s Action Party
Lee Hsien LoongAng Mo KioPeople’s Action Party
Seng Han ThongAng Mo KioPeople’s Action Party
Yeo Guat KwangAng Mo KioPeople’s Action Party
Hri Kumar NairBishan-Toa PayohPeople’s Action Party
Ng Eng HenBishan-Toa PayohPeople’s Action Party
Josephine TeoBishan-Toa PayohPeople’s Action Party
Wong Kan SengBishan-Toa PayohPeople’s Action Party
Zainudin NordinBishan-Toa PayohPeople’s Action Party
Teo Ho PinBukit PanjangPeople’s Action Party
Gan Kim YongChua Chu KangPeople’s Action Party
Low Yen LingChua Chu KangPeople’s Action Party
Alex Yam ZimingChua Chu KangPeople’s Action Party
Yeo Khirn Hai AlvinChua Chu KangPeople’s Action Party
Zaqy Bin MohamadChua Chu KangPeople’s Action Party
Lee Yi ShyanEast CoastPeople’s Action Party
Lim Siang Keat RaymondEast CoastPeople’s Action Party
Lim Swee SayEast CoastPeople’s Action Party
Mohd Maliki Bin OsmanEast CoastPeople’s Action Party
Tan Soon Neo JessicaEast CoastPeople’s Action Party
De Souza Christopher JamesHolland-Bukit TimahPeople’s Action Party
Liang Eng HwaHolland-Bukit TimahPeople’s Action Party
Sim AnnHolland-Bukit TimahPeople’s Action Party
Vivian BalakrishnanHolland-Bukit TimahPeople’s Action Party
Amy Khor Lean SuanHong Kah NorthPeople’s Action Party
Yaw Shin LeongHougangWorker’s Party
Charles Chong You FookJoo ChiatPeople’s Action Party
Ang Wei NengJurongPeople’s Action Party
Halimah Binte YacobJurongPeople’s Action Party
Desmond Lee Ti-Seng (Li Zhisheng)JurongPeople’s Action Party
Ong Kim HuatJurongPeople’s Action Party
Tharman ShanmugaratnamJurongPeople’s Action Party
Fatimah Binte Abdul LateefMarine ParadePeople’s Action Party
Goh Chok TongMarine ParadePeople’s Action Party
Seah Kian PengMarine ParadePeople’s Action Party
Tan Chuan-JinMarine ParadePeople’s Action Party
Tin Pei LingMarine ParadePeople’s Action Party
Lui Tuck YewMoulmein-KallangPeople’s Action Party
Phua Lay Peng DeniseMoulmein-KallangPeople’s Action Party
Edwin Tong Chun FaiMoulmein-KallangPeople’s Action Party
Yaacob Bin IbrahimMoulmein-KallangPeople’s Action Party
Lim Biow ChuanMountbattenPeople’s Action Party
K ShanmugamNee SoonPeople’s Action Party
Lee Bee WahNee SoonPeople’s Action Party
Lim Wee KiakNee SoonPeople’s Action Party
Muhammad Faishal IbrahimNee SoonPeople’s Action Party
Tay Teck Guan PatrickNee SoonPeople’s Action Party
Gan Thiam PohPasir Ris-PunggolPeople’s Action Party
Janil Arusha PuthuchearyPasir Ris-PunggolPeople’s Action Party
Low PennyPasir Ris-PunggolPeople’s Action Party
Teo Chee HeanPasir Ris-PunggolPeople’s Action Party
Teo Ser LuckPasir Ris-PunggolPeople’s Action Party
Zainal Bin SapariPasir Ris-PunggolPeople’s Action Party
Cedric Foo Chee KengPioneerPeople’s Action Party
Sitoh Yih PinPotong PasirPeople’s Action Party
Michael PalmerPunggol EastPeople’s Action Party
Tan Chin SiongRadin MasPeople’s Action Party
Hawazi DaipiSembawangPeople’s Action Party
Khaw Boon WanSembawangPeople’s Action Party
Ellen Lee Geck HoonSembawangPeople’s Action Party
Ong Teng KoonSembawangPeople’s Action Party
Vikram NairSembawangPeople’s Action Party
Lam Pin MinSengkang WestPeople’s Action Party
Baey Yam KengTampinesPeople’s Action Party
Heng Swee KeatTampinesPeople’s Action Party
Mah Bow TanTampinesPeople’s Action Party
Masagos Zulkifli BMMTampinesPeople’s Action Party
Irene Ng Phek HoongTampinesPeople’s Action Party
Arthur FongWest CoastPeople’s Action Party
Foo Mee HarWest CoastPeople’s Action Party
Lim Hng KiangWest CoastPeople’s Action Party
S IswaranWest CoastPeople’s Action Party
Lawrence WongWest CoastPeople’s Action Party
Heng Chee HowWhampoaPeople’s Action Party
Grace Fu Hai YienYuhuaPeople’s Action Party

The official electoral gazette signed by the returning officer did not mention the members of the People’s Action Party elected in an uncontested vote in the Tanjong Pagar region:

  • Chan Chun Sing
  • Chia Shi-Lu
  • Indranee Thurai Rajah
  • Lee Kuan Yew
  • Lily Tirtasana Neo

The electoral system of Singapore provides for Group Representation Constituencies similar to a party list system in which parties field a list of candidates for a given constituency and they are elected as a group if they belong to the winning party. This has produced a huge majority for the ruling party over the last 46 years.

From Singapore’s independence in 1965 to 1983, the People’s Action Party won every seat in every election held, forming a parliament with no elected opposition MPs for almost two decades.

In 1984, two opposition politicians secured seats in parliament. In 1988, the opposition won a single seat of 77 available. In 1991, the opposition won four seats out of 81 available. In each of the elections of 1997, 2001 and 2006, the opposition secured two seats.

Around 50% of the seats in Singapore’s Parliamentary elections are uncontested. Thus, the People’s Action Party wins certain constituencies by default without the electorate having to cast a single vote.

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