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Serkan Cura’s Night at the Theatre – at 11am in the Morning

Serkan Cura’s collection for Spring Summer 2014 was presented at the very end of Paris Haute Couture fashion week, bringing the event to a fittingly theatrical close.

Housed in a theatre off the Place de la République, the Serkan Cura event was one of the few to provide a comfortable seat for every guest. Press and fashion buyers arrived early soaking up the only sunshine of the week and taking the opportunity to smoke a cigarette while those inside prepared for a fashionably late start.

Inside the small theatre were naked lightbulbs, red velvet seats and the bawdy ceiling murals of an old music hall.

High drama was presented to all with the inclusion of oversize porcupine spine cuffs, a glass shard encrusted fan and corsets which covered one half of the torso. This was couture at its most fun and the crowd dealt an appropriate encore of whoops and applause for the daring escapades of the designer, who took his bow on stage at the end of the show.

Models tottered forward and took turns to present a slowly revolving gallery to the onlookers. The photographers loved the ability to catch several shots and poses without the unnecessary pressure of a one second end-of-runway pose and the assembled guests and press thoroughly enjoyed the full view.

The clothes themselves made full use of corsetry, plumage and sparkle. The palette was essentially simple save for an opal-like jacket and skirt. Tiny waistlines and decoration climbing like ivy around the jackets made for a thrillingly melodramatic close to Haute Couture week.

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