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Indigo Pearl: 5-Star Luxurious Fun in Phuket, Thailand

After a ten minute drive from Phuket airport, heading towards Nai Yang Beach, down a dusty road lined with sleeping dogs and a few desultory shops and cafes, take a quick detour to enter the imaginative world of the Indigo Pearl, for a truly unique stay. If ever a hotel has earned bragging rights, this would be the one– racking …

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Travel: Think Bellingham for the Best of the Pacific Northwest

Problem: When international visitors come to explore the incredible Pacific Northwest they usually run themselves ragged trying to fit in visits to Vancouver, Seattle, the beaches lining the Oregon coast and a few San Juan Islands. Solution: After spending an eye-opening week in Bellingham, WA. I was amazed to find that you could experience the very best of all the …

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A fab time in Macau – without stepping a foot in a casino

Bet you can have a FAB time in Macau without stepping foot in a casino. Don’t get me wrong. If you like to gamble then you’re absolutely in the right place. The gambling in Macau is simply off-the-hook. Macau’s 35th casino opened recently, the Sands Cotai Central, a mere $4.4 billion venture. Not really that shocking since Macau’s gambling revenues …

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Three Unforgettable Ecuadorian Experiences

Ecuador is an amazing country (about the size of Nevada) that proves the best things really do come in small packages. Its compact size means that in just a few hours you can be hiking on a snow-capped volcanic peak, exploring a rainforest with over 25,000 plant species and 1600 bird species or shopping for handicrafts in a colorful Inca …

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Cruising the Galapagos Islands Aboard the M/Y Grace

Since there are at least 60 other first-class ships cruising the Galapagos, selecting the right ship can be a daunting task. You can spend endless hour researching them all only to end up just crossing your fingers and hoping that you made the right pick. But having recently returned from what was truly was “the trip of a lifetime” may …

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Wroclaw Finally Gets Some Richly Deserved Respect

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and Krakow is constantly being touted as the “exciting new” Prague, Budapest and Berlin all rolled together… but for my zloty (Polish currency) the real darling of Poland is Wroclaw (loosely pronounced Vrote-Suave) the capital of Lower Silesia in southern Poland. Often referred to as the “Venice of Poland”, Wroclaw is made up of …

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24 Hours of Glorious Gluttony in Warsaw

Normally I would be crazed trying to fit in all the restaurants I wanted to try in just one travel day, but that’s all the time I had to explore Warsaw’s culinary climate before heading back to the states. Thankfully, Poland must have been created with foodies in mind, since meals here consist of a very civilized: Breakfast Second Breakfast …

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My Favourite Place: The Ecuadorian Andes by Julian Smith

I lifted one plastic boot and planted steel crampons into the snow with a styrofoam crunch. Took a deep breath. Fourteen. Eleven more steps and I could rest again. It was dark, the air was thin, and Billie Holiday was crooning through the ice-coated wires of my headphones about what a little moonlight can do. The night clouds parted and …

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What to Pack for a Nepali Trek – Advice from Fashion Consultant Belinda Alexander

Fashion consultant Belinda Alexander advises trekkers and fashion enthusiasts how to dress on the trek of a lifetime. At the moment I am planning a walk of 120 km in Nepal. We fly to Kathmandu and then travel by bus to Phokara where we start the ascent to the Annapurna Mountains. My fitness campaign has started in earnest! Though relatively …

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