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Church of Scientology Categorised as Public Benefit Organisation in Amsterdam Tax Court

The Church of Scientology has benefited from a decision in the Appeals Tax Court of Amsterdam, which finds that the organisation “is operated exclusively for the public benefit and its activities are religious and ideological in nature” and therefore the Church’s revenues are now tax exempt. The Church of Scientology in the Netherlands is part of the worldwide organization Church …

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Australian Court Enshrines “Do Not Knock” Signs in Law

Australia’s Federal Court has found that clear “Do Not Knock” signs on resident’s premises constitute a clear request for salespeople to leave and that failure to do so is unlawful. The decision clarifies Australia Consumer Law, establishing that consumers do not need to meet a salesperson face-to-face to ask them to leave. The news comes as the Australian Competition & …

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Giuliano Amato Sworn in as Judge of the Italian Constitutional Court

President Giorgio Napolitano during the swearing in of the new Judge of the Constitutional Court Giuliano Amato.

Giuliano Amato has been sworn in as a Judge of the Constitutional Court in Italy. The ceremony took place in the Quirinale Palace before the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. Attending the ceremony were the President of the Senate, Pietro Grasso, the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, the President of the Council of Ministers, Enrico Letta, …

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Murders in Marseilles: Prime Minister to Meet Mayor

Jean-Marc Ayrault. Photo: Matignon.

The Prime Minister of France, Jean-Marc Ayrault, is travelling Marseilles to meet with leaders there to discuss the security situation. A spate of drug-related murders have plagued the Mediterranean port over the last three years with the most recent shooting involving 40 bullets fired from Kalashnikov rifles. France’s central government has refused to send in troops, opting instead to designate …

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Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill – Mary Mitchell O’ Connor

After two decades of previous Governments ignoring the issue, this month the Irish parliament finally passed legislation which will remove the legal uncertainty for medical professionals carrying out abortions in Ireland in what are very limited circumstances. The enactment of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill into law will be, in my view, a very positive move for Irish …

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Whaling Case Begins in International Court of Justice on 26th June 2013

Australia will make its opening arguments against whaling in the Southern Ocean at the International Court of Justice on 26th June 2013. The Australian government initiated legal action against Japan in 2010 to try and stop whaling in the Southern hemisphere. Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, said in a statement: “Australia’s views on whaling are well established – we strongly oppose all …

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