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Scott & Bailey Episode 6 on ITV, 3rd July 2011

Suranne Jones as DC Rachel Bailey © ITV

Scott & Bailey episode six sees Rachel’s deceit catch up with her. An attempt on the DC’s life leaves a margin of doubt in her mind – could it be connected to anything else she has done? The chickens have come home to roost and the policewoman must inform her boss of at least of a modicum of the truth.

Meanwhile Janet gets stuck back into work interviewing a witness in a shooting case in which she suspects there is much more to the story.

As Rachel and Janet both try to put their complicated love lives back on track, they are both held to ransom by their secrets. Slimy barrister, Nick Savage, falls right into the heart of the intrigue and desperately tries to convince Rachel of his integrity.

The concluding part of this stellar six-part series delivers a gripping, twisting and satisfying plot – including a chase scene which Suranne Jones admitted was something of a challenge:

“On my last day of filming I had to do a chase sequence. Usually if you’re doing a running scene it will be on a fast-track or there will be a brilliant Steady-Cam Operator running backwards at a fast pace, but when I arrived I spotted a quad bike.

“The plan was for me to run the length of three streets with the quad bike filming in front of me. From this I knew I’d be running fast, and my first thought was, to my shame, ‘I haven’t been to the gym in about a year because I’ve been so busy.’ Although my work keeps me fit it doesn’t keep me fit to the level of sprinting down streets and jumping over bins and a high gate! It did it, but by the end my legs were killing me.”

Fingers crossed for the commissioning of a second series from ITV.

Scott & Bailey episode 6 airs at 9pm on ITV, 3rd July 2011 for UK audiences only.


Lesley Sharp as DC Janet Scott
Suranne Jones as DC Rachel Bailey
Amelia Bullmore as DCI Gill Murray
Rupert Graves as Nick Savage
Tony Pitts as Adrian Scott
Sally Lindsay as Alison


Director: Sarah Pia Anderson (Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Prime Suspect)
Producer: Yvonne Francas (A Passionate Woman, Strictly Confidential, Between the Sheets)
Writer: Sally Wainwright (Unforgiven, At Home With the Braithwaites)
Co-created by: Diane Taylor
Based on an idea by Suranne Jones and Sally Lindsay

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