Space: UK Government Releases UFO Files

The UK government has released a number of UFO files including letters and parliamentary questions relating to the period between 2000 – 2005. Over 8000 items have been declassified – from the exceedingly banal to the infuriatingly tantalising.

The documents cover a range of issues such as the filming of a BBC UFO documentary and the charges paid by the BBC for hire of MOD equipment, the charges levelled at a member of the British UFO Research Association who had boasted of breaking into an RAF base and countless letters responding to freedom of information requests.

One interesting item is a report of an unusual aircraft which landed in Anglesey in 1997 and of which two men provided pictures, maps and a description to the local RAF base. The member of the Royal Air Force who wrote up the report said:

“The description seems to roughly correspond to the craft that was reported in Mandatory Occurrence report number 8201614C, which was filed with the SAfety Regulation Group at Gatwick. This referred to a Dan Air B 727 which witnessed what looked like a twin hulled structure with a globe crowned by a silver cone.”

See the full menu of files here:

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