Sally Abel Didn’t Think Her Husband Would Survive COVID-19 | Good Morning Britain

Sally Abel Didn’t Think Her Husband Would Survive Novel Coronavirus

David Abel’s wife Sally Abel told UK’s Good Morning Britain show how she feared her husband would not survive the acute pneumonia he got as a consequence of contracting Covid-19 aboard the infamous Diamond Princess cruise ship, off Japan.

David and Sally Abel were stranded on the Diamond Princess cruise ship when other passengers became infected with coronavirus.

The couple themselves then contracted the disease and were taken to a hospital in Japan for treatment.

When David was also diagnosed with acute pneumonia Sally says she didn’t think he’d make it back to England.

Broadcast on 18/03/2020

Good Morning Britain YouTube Channel

The couple rose to fame and had regularly attracted tens of thousands of viewers on David’s YouTube channel.

There’s a The Global Herald news tag about David and Sally Abel here which houses stories posted by various outlets about the pair.

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