Russian artist defends sex tape leak that ended Paris mayoral bid

Piotr Pavlensky spent a year in jail for setting the Bank of France on fire in what he called a piece of “performance art” in 2017, and, as France 24 reports, has turned his attentions onto French politicians.

The artist published an explicit sex tape featuring Paris mayoral candidate, Benjamin Griveaux, who quit the race following the scandal.

France gave Pavlensky asylum in 2017, following several very strong pieces of protest art, which included nailing his scrotum to Red Square, in Moscow, and sewing his lips shut in solidarity with the political protest group Pussy Riot.

In France, he has changed his focus to political targets, but as this report suggests, he may face more legal scrutiny over an alleged breach of privacy. The artist says he is exposing hypocrisy.

Russian protest artist Piotr Pavlensky on Friday confirmed to AFP that he posted a sex video that tanked the Paris mayoral bid of ruling party candidate Benjamin Griveaux, calling his action a fight against political “hypocrisy”.

France 24

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