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“Rome Revealed: Killing Caesar” on National Geographic

Find out how Julius Caesar created one of the most powerful positions in the Roman Empire using business backing, the armed forces and religion to sway elections and politicians. Eventually, the man was so powerful that the only way to stop him was through assassination.

On the eve of the 2055th anniversary of Caesar’s death, 15th March, this documentary explores how the Roman Empire had balanced the aims of great men with the shared power of a Republic for four centuries before Julius Caesar used all the instruments of state against the state itself in a bid for the biggest job in the Roman world.

Pushing the buttons of a competitive and expansionist system, he overcame the reserve of a system which had experience a dictatorship only forty years before. General Sulla had pardoned the young Caesar and exiled him as part of a seizure of power.

First hand sources such as a bust of Caesar discovered in Arles in France are explored along with coins, architecture and hidden chambers.

An excellent reconstruction of one of the most famous leaders in ancient European history, the program is complete with academic narrative from leading historians such as Professor Barry Strauss from Cornell University, Tom Holland, Professor Maria Wyke from University College London, Dr Adrian Goldsworthy and Professor Giorgio Croci from La Sapienze University Rome. Ideal teaching aid.

“Rome Revealed: Killing Caesar” will be aired on National Geographic from 9pm on Tuesday 1st March 2011.

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