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Review: Nikita – Season One

Nikita - out now on DVD

Nikita is a television series combining sexy outfits, spy thriller storylines and tween angst drama.

A shadowy government agency named Division has gone mercenary – taking outside contracts in order to self-fund its continued existence under the Devilish leadership of “Percy” (Xander Berkeley). The agency takes its recruits from among orphans and criminals, deleting their identities and forcing them to assassinate VIPs. What was once a deniable branch of United States’ government defense policy has become a prison for those who no longer exist and the personal piggy bank of a ruthless ex-spy.

One woman stands between Division and success – Nikita (Maggie Q). A former Division agent, Nikita went rogue when Percy cancelled her fiancée. She cannot kill Percy until she has located and destroyed a series of black boxes containing the full details of all the deniable operations completed since Division began. If the contents of the black boxes were made public they would result in the deaths of innocent people caught up in secret government policies.

To help her in her quest, Nikita has recruited another orphaned drug addict whom she cleans up and inserts into Division. Alex (Lyndsey Fonseca) provides invaluable information to her supporter on the outside. Nikita also tries to recruit similarly wronged agents and former colleagues on the inside.

Alex is angry and vengeful, providing the energy to mislead trained liars and continually risk her life on the inside. Despite the pressures, the young recruits find time to flirt and have personal problems in between interrogation training and martial arts practice.

Division HQ is superbly kitted out, with an ultra modern minimalist gym, operations room and cells. The inevitable computer geek Seymour Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) is suitably unshaven and the somewhat incongruous Amanda (Melinda Clarke from The O.C.) sharpens up the recruits with deportment, style advice and pop psychology.

For her part, Nikita is always trying to get into even tighter trousers. It seems that any emergency of the murky world of espionage can be solved with some excruciatingly fitted leather pants. Maggie Q’s slight figure makes a stark contrast to the size of her guns – always using a machine gun where a revolver may have sufficed.

Nikita the television series is based on the 1990 French language spy thriller film “La Femme Nikita” directed by Luc Besson in which a convicted criminal, Nikita, is trained to become a stylish spy. The femme fatale was played by Anne Parillaud. The film has previously been made into an American  television series with Peta Wilson taking the lead part. This retelling of the classic tale provides a photogenic, easy to follow plot with plenty of explosions and high-tech action.

Nikita is released on DVD in the UK on 19th September 2011.


Maggie Q as Nikita
Shane West as Michael
Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex
Aaron Stanford as Seymour Birkhoff
Melinda Clarke as Amanda
Xander Berkeley as Percy
Tiffany Hines as Jaden
Ashton Holmes as Thom
Rob Stewart as Roan

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