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Quartet Calls for $1.1 Billion to Support Palestinian Authority

The Foreign Minister of Jordan, Nasser Judeh, represented King Abdullah II of Jordan to the Quartet

The Middle East Quartet (United Nations, Russian Federation, United States, European Union) issued a statement on 11th April 2012 regarding developments in negotiations between Israel, Palestine and the Quartet. Among the developments and statements was a call for $1.1 billion to support the ailing Palestinian Authority which has suffered withering finances as a result of economic instability caused by on-going tensions with Israel which disrupt trade and work in the territory.

The group consisting of Ban Ki-moon, Sergey Lavrov, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Catherine Ashton, Tony Blair and Nasser Judeh noted “significant progress” in security in the West Bank, but condemned rocket attacks from Gaza. The group also condemned Israeli settler violence in the West Bank and welcomed the Israeli Government’s approval of UN priority infrastructure projects in Gaza. In conclusion, the Quartet implored both sides to avoid provocation and focus on building trust and other measures that will support negotiation.

Israel welcomed the statement from the Quartet and signalled its intention to propose talks between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Mazen. The Prime Minister’s personal envoy, lawyer Yitzhak Molcho, will also deliver a letter to the Palestinian leadership outlining Israel’s position on a future agreement with Palestinians.

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