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Prime Minister of France Announces Renewed Focus on Tourism

France’s Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault,  has announced a renewed focus on tourism to boost France’s economy.

France is the top tourist destination in the world, with 83 million visitors per year. Over 7% of the country’s GDP is derived from tourism.

However, France lags behind when it comes to capitalising on visits. Although France has the highest number of tourists in the world, it only achieves the third highest revenue from tourism.

The PM held a meeting on tourism at Matignon on 5th November 2013 at which it was announced that a new Conference of Tourism will be convened under the leadership of Minister Sylvia Pinel.

The new organisation will be launched in November and become operational by Spring time in 2014. It will focus on diversification of French tourist attractions, adaptating to the demands of new customers and improving the competitiveness of France’s tourism offering.

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