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Poll: What’s Your Favourite Champagne House?

There are many champagne houses in existence, from the ultra-premium down to the more supermarket-friendly and price-aware.

Champagne has been made for many hundreds of years, and some of the champagne houses currently active have even been around, and producing bubbles since 1522 (Philipponnat). At the other end of the spectrum, we have Dosnon & Lepage, who began life in 2007.

But which is your favourite champagne house, and why?

In the poll below, you can select your top three champagne houses. In the comments section (at the bottom of this page) you can also leave a little summary of which you chose – or didn’t choose – and why.

Please add a comment at the bottom to request any house or brand which isn’t currently listed, should you wish to cast a vote for a different producer.

Which is Your Favourite Champagne House? (select up to three)

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  1. Tricky big, medium or small?
    Big, Ruinart, Medium Billecart Salmon, Small Andre Jacquart. Check out Andre Jaquart, new style, new look, new feel. Definitely one to watch.

  2. Try Roger Brun in Ay…
    Niche market champagne and so friendly

  3. 1. Pierre Peters Blanc de Blanc 2.Pehu Simonet Brut 3. Tarlant

  4. Krug…what else

  5. No doubt, Janisson Baradon & Fils in Epernay. Small, friendly Champagne House, charismatic brothers, great well-balanced champagnes, smooth prices. Try absolutely !

  6. Le Mesnil Champagne without Pierre Peters ?

  7. Vive le Champagne Brice

  8. Champagne Brice of course

  9. i would vote for 1. charles heidsieck & its mellowness; 2. piper-heidsieck & its scrumptiousness; 3. Salon & its grandeur.

  10. 1- Tarlant, for its subtlety
    2- Veuve Clicquot, for the good memories it left me
    3- de Telmont, for how good a surprise it was.

  11. Tarlant
    Frank Pascal (not in the list, an great biodynamics winegrower)

  12. birocha 27 octobre 2010

    client depuis plus de 15 ans je me rejouis chaque fois que j ouvre une bouteille de champgne Janisson – Baradon et fils

  13. champagne janisson-baradon

  14. 1# Janisson-Baradon Et Fils
    2# De Sousa (not yet listed in the pool)
    3# Louis Roederer

  15. excellent champagne!!!

  16. Janisson-Baradon Et Fils for shure

  17. Each of these small innovative family producers follows their own path to make authentic quality champagnes which reflect their terroir. They master the science of winemaking without being slaves to industry & commerce

  18. Janisson-Baradon Et Fils of course !
    A great memory to me, hoping to taste it again soon 🙂

  19. how about adding drappier ?

  20. and would you mind putting them into alphabetical order? the new ones as well?

    • Robin Scott

      Philippe Gonet has been added to the poll. The order cannot be changed once the poll has been opened, unfortunately, however, we shall reintroduce a new poll later this week which takes into account all of your suggestions, owing to the success of this one. Until then, feel free to vote in the current version.

  21. I am missing
    Philippe Gonet!

  22. Hm, I try to vote and it says I can only choose 1.

    In any case, three is too few, there are some great choices here….

    • Robin Scott

      This has now been fixed – it reset upon the previous update. Without starting a new poll (which we may well do in the near future as there has been a lot of interest in this one!), we’ll have to stick with just three choices for the time being.

      Perhaps a “Choose Your Top Ten” would be a good idea for any future poll?

      • Very good idea Robin. Very pleased to see Boutique Champagnes taking the lead. It is about time!
        Good work

  23. Jacques Selosse, Jérôme Prévost, Ulysse Collin

    • Oh fail. That wasn’t how to vote. Well, Ulysse Collin is needed, maybe add Cedric Bouchard, Larmandier-Bernier, Gaston Chiquet, Georges Laval..?

      • Robin Scott

        Cedric Bouchard, Larmandier-Bernier, Gaston Chiquet, Georges Laval – all now included in the poll above. Ulysse Collin is also listed. Please request any further additions too.

    • Robin Scott

      Ulysse Collin has been added to the above poll Рboth Jacques Selosse and J̩r̫me Pr̩vost were already included Рyou are welcome to cast your vote above!

  24. Well, difficult choice, La Grande Année is great but also at the same level André Jacquart Mesnil blanc de blans, Salon (of course) and good ones too Extra Brut Janisson-Baradon and Jacquesson, a cherry cake!

    • Robin Scott

      It is a very difficult choice, but interesting to see a lot of like-minded voting for some “lesser lights” – it might well be time for some more champagne tastings based upon the good reports we are hearing.

  25. What a great poll! How do I participate?

    You should add Egly-Ouriet, J. Lassaigne, Vouette & Sorbée…

    • Robin Scott

      Thank you for your suggestions – all three have been added to the poll – taking the total to 90 different champagne houses / brands.

      To participate, simply select up to three of your favourite houses and submit the form.

      Feel free to share this poll on Facebook or Twitter, too, to get your friends, fans and followers to add their voice and help make this poll even more useful! There’s buttons for this in the red bar at the bottom of your browser.

  26. Veuve Fourny, Déhu,

  27. could you add janisson baradon et fils

  28. I was born in Reims and I have had the chance to taste many different champagne on many diferent occasion. Pol Roger and Bollinger are unrivalled as far as consistent quality are concerned.

    Andre Jacquart is a very recent and very promising experience.

  29. before i take my vote can you andre jacquart from le mesnil (best blc de blc NV) as well as jaques selosse (the godfather) and jerome prevost (amazing 100% pinot meunier)

  30. It is so difficult to choose ONLY ONE! 🙂

  31. Add more brands, Tarlant, J. DUMANGIN Fils, Vilmart…

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