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  • Turkmenistan has the World’s fourth largest gas reserves… then again, their citizens are extremely poor. What is the reason? This country suffers from one of the worst and craziest dictatorships in history. Turkmen president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow is an extravagant version of Kim Jong-un. As an example… he likes to play his own songs and force his citizens to listen and dance to those.
    His predecessor, Turkmenbashi, was even worse. He built a golden statue of himself in the middle of the capital city, Ashgabat.
    With such a wacky government, it is no surprise that Turkmenistan has witnessed one of the most stupid environmental disasters in history… and no investor is willing to put one penny on their gas resources. But how do Turkmen people live? Why do we say Turkmenistan is the most insane dictatorship on the planet? Can this ever change? On this video we will answer to this questions.

    *Script written by Javier Angulo

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