Columbia: Bogotá to push Free Trade Agreement through US Congress

President Juan Manuel Santos Calderon is backing the final process of approval for a Free Trade Agreement between the USA and Columbia, which is scheduled to pass through the United States Congress in the coming months.

The Columbian President said that, following a recent meeting with President Obama, the work of the Colombian government and all friends of the Treaty is now to ensure enough votes to obtain approval:

“What we have seen of the heavily bipartisan US is that there is a majority for this treaty among both Republicans and Democrats, but one which we must strengthen. You never know the circumstances as they evolve in these processes, so we all have to do the job now.”

The US New Democrat Coalition welcomed the news saying:

“The New Democrats are encouraged by the Obama Administration’s continued progress toward enactment of a comprehensive trade agenda that includes the pending bilateral trade agreements – Korea, Panama and Colombia – and Trade Adjustment Assistance. Korea, Panama and Colombia are strong U.S. allies who have demonstrated their commitment to further improving our nations’ ties by working to address issues of critical importance to the United States. We are heartened by the significant progress that was announced today by the Obama Administration and reiterate our support for further progress so that the United States can finalize the pending agreements and reauthorize TAA for American workers, businesses and our economy.”

The New Democrat Coalition is a Coalition of 43 members of the US House of Representatives who are “dedicated to the prosperity and security of American families and business”.

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