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After the Second World War, Germany was divided into two states: in the West the Federal Republic of Germany, built as another Western democracy; in the East, the German Democratic Republic, a communist dictatorship in the mould of the Kremlin.

In other words, in addition to being separated, the two Germanies were also at odds with each other. They had two completely opposite political models. The Berlin Wall was in fact the symbol of this division. A barrier that was erected to prevent the citizens of the GDR from fleeing to the West. But that was not the only action of the communist regime to control the population.

They also created the so-called Ministry for State Security, better known to all as the Stasi. One of the best intelligence services in the world, a kind of secret police or spy corps dedicated to locating the enemies of the state within the GDR and also to fighting the enemies of communism abroad. In this video we tell you all the details of one of the most fearsome security forces of all times.

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