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The chip industry is one of the hottest sectors of the moment.

From the new 5G iPhones to the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets, from cars with autonomous driving capabilities to the large servers on which the cloud is built. Everything, absolutely everything, depends on the chip industry.

Historically, the United States has been a major producer of semiconductors. For decades, chips have been one of the most advanced and strategic products of US industry. Now, however, the situation is very different. The big companies that design chips are still American, but the bulk of cutting-edge production is in Taiwanese and South Korean hands, something that Washington has begun to see as a risk to national security, which is why both the White House and Congress want to boost local production.

And if we talk about a North American chip producer, we really have to talk about Intel. A company that, despite its good results, is generating many doubts in the market. In this video we tell you how the United States is currently positioned in the chip war and particularly, what problems are facing Intel, the iconic US producer.

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