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Last November 2020 was the most controversial election in the history of the United States of America. We all remember perfectly well what happened: the increase in voter turnout, postal voting, the swing in favor of the Democrats and the accusations of all kinds with no basis that ended with the assault on the Capitol itself.

We are talking about an experience that, nevertheless, served to suddenly raise many questions about how exactly US democracy works. And particularly about the tools that can make electoral results not always correspond to what the majority of the people vote for. Tools such as gerrymandering. A practice that is more than two centuries old, used by representatives of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party alike to improve their electoral results regardless of the votes.

In this video we give you all the details about gerrymandering, one of the most controversial political practices in US politics and that in the upcoming 2022 elections may tip the political balance in favor of the Republicans.

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