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    If you commit a crime in your own country, the police is going to catch you and take you to the courts. All the countries have laws and cops that enforce those. There is no state-free place on Earth. Of course, some countries might be more or less corrupted, with more or less liberal laws but anarchy does not exist anywhere… or maybe it does? Who does rule on International waters? What happens if someone makes a, say, manslaughter on a ship that is sailing in the middle of an Ocean? What laws do affect the criminals there? Which police is going to chase the murderer? Many of you already know the answer: every boat must carry a country flag and that is the state that regulates the affairs that happen on board. Then… Why don’t we have criminal havens just like we have with taxes? Why isn’t there a small country that allows some crime so people on their boats can have a free ride? Can we commit the perfect crime on International waters? On this video we will answer to those questions.

    *Script written by Javier Angulo

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