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  • Iran has announced they will go back to their nuclear program. This is no surprise: after Trump came out of the nuclear deal that Obama signed, most of the World has their trade ties with the Islamic Republic. Add to this the killing of General Gasem Soleimani and you can understand why Ayatollah Khamenei wants to go back to build the nuclear program.
    But what does that mean, though? Iran’s official narrative is that they don’t want to build a nuclear bomb. They claim they just wanna have nuclear energy for peaceful uses (power plants, healthcare, etc…). Nevertheless, the West does not trust them. Why? Becuase of the uranium enrichment program. This is where the real debate is. So why is uranium enrichment so controversial? In case Iran really wants to have a nuclear bomb… why don’t they have it already? Why is to so hard to build a nuke? In this video we will answer to all of these questions.


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