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    Bhutan is one of the least known and most isolated countries in the world, not only geographically, but more importantly, politically, and commercially.

    Bhutan is a small kingdom located in the heart of the Himalayas. It has a very similar land area to that of Switzerland and is also a very mountainous nation. But that’s where all the similarities to the European country finish.

    With a population ten times smaller than Switzerland, and a level of development that places it among the poorest countries in the world, Bhutan is a kind of hermit kingdom that was completely turned in on itself until a few years ago.

    Its greatest international achievement? Well, according to its government, being the happiest country in the world. In fact, the country of the thunder dragon was the biggest driver of the so-called “Gross National Happiness Index”. So, is Bhutan really such a happy country? Want to know more about one of the most isolated and least known countries on the planet? Well, don’t miss this video.

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