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Politics: UK General Election Date to be Announced Tomorrow?

Speculation is rife, in Westminster, that the UK General Election will be formally announced tomorrow, on 6th April 2010.

As a growing throng of tents and outside broadcast vehicles will attest, those in the news media are fully expecting a General Election announcement is soon to follow.

Until now, the Labour Party Government have been tight-lipped about the actual date for any election, a decision thought by many to reflect their poor performance in opinion polls since Prime Minister Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair, inheriting, in the process, the worst economic crisis to hit the global economy in living memory.

Many expect the General Election will be held on May 5th, as it has been many times in the past, including, most recently, in 2005. However, a BBC report this afternoon is confident of a 6th May General Election, which might well indicate, as with so many recent announcements, that the news has managed to escape the Prime Minister’s inner circle with relative ease.

Whatever the speculation and leaks suggest, if the number of media representatives surrounding the House of Commons is anything to judge by, tomorrow will be the day the British voting public finds out for certain the date that it is to vote in its next Government.

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