“My Lion Family: Trouble in the Pride” on National Geographic

“My Lion Family: Trouble in the Pride” is a National Geographic documentary which details the unique relationship that Kevin Richardson has with the lions in his 700 hectare private sanctuary.

Among several prides in the park are some endangered white lions and a tame hyena, but none of the animals are suitable for release into the wild and so the female lions have been sterilised. This has an impact on the group dynamics in the pride and means that Kevin must intervene to stop the males fighting.

He first came into contact with most of the lions when they were cubs and so can play fight and socialise with the animals without fear of being bitten. Despite receiving some criticism for “humanising” these tame creatures, Kevin is passionate about their continued survival and the conservation of the rare white lion gene.

Meanwhile financial woes mean that a film featuring several of the lions has to succeed in order to fund the continuation of the sanctuary.

“My Lion Family: Trouble in the Pride” airs on 2nd March 2011 at 10pm on National Geographic channel.

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  1. Hi my name is Marlon olivier and I am a south African living in Wales.i been watching My lion family over here on tv and want to know if there is any way we could set up some sort of fund support for Richard and his lovely family of wild animals.
    I await your response


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