Australia: 96th Anniversary of ANZAC Day Marked in Turkey

On 25th April 1915, Australian and New Zealand forces landed in Gallipoli for a fateful assault which was to be marked from that day forward as an example of the sacrifice of war.

On the 96th anniversary of the landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula, members of the Anitpodean military massed in Turkey, for commemorations held throughout the night to remember those current and former members of the Australian and New Zealand armed forces.

The Royal Australian Air Force Band played for the Reflective Program in the lead up to the Dawn Service at Anzac Cove, Turkey. The dawn service at Gallipoli was attended by the Australian Defence Minister, Warren Snowdon.

Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Mark Binskin AO gave the Call to Remembrance and Department of Veteran’s Affairs Repatriation Commissioner Major General Mark Kelly AO DSC, gave a speech in his role as Master of Ceremonies.

Royal Australian Air Force Band trumpeter Leading Aircraftman Jason Reeve played the Last Post while the Catafalque Party presented arms.

In East Timor, Australian and New Zealand soldiers from the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) commemorated Anzac Day 2011 with a Dawn Service in Dili. The service was attended by Timor-leste Government representatives and international dignitaries. The Dawn Service was also attended by the Ambassador to East Timor, Mr. Miles Armitage and the New Zealand Ambassador to East Timor, Mr. Tony Fautua, along with ISF Commander, Colonel Michael Reilly. Private Jeremy Dajski played the Last Post.

The Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan, held a dawn service to commemorate ANZAC Day 2011 at their training compound in Tarin Kot. At Kandahar Air Field a game of Australian rules football was held with supporters of the major teams wearing special signed shirts which were later auctioned off to benefit the MTF-2 Benevolent Fund.

Photos: Courtesy of Department of Defense. Gallipoli photos taken by Corporal (CPL) Raymond Vance. Dili image: Flight Sergeant Mark Eaton.

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