Norwegians Told to Stay at Home and Avoid Mobile Use After Explosion at PM’s Office

Residents of Oslo have been told to stay at home and avoid using mobile phones following an explosion at the office of Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg.

The Prime Minister was unhurt and made a statement saying:

“Oslo centre was hit by a very serious explosion today. All available emergency personnel are at the scene, and all available resources have been put into the rescue action.

“This is a very serious situation, and my thoughts at this time go to all who have been affected. I am in constant contact with the affected Ministers and the relevant authorities.

“Due the uncertain situation, the authorities have asked people to stay at home and to use their mobile phones as little as possible. All expertise and resources have been brought in to gain control of the situation. The planned response that the police and rescue services have been practising has been put into action.”

Seven people have been confirmed dead following the blast at the government quarters in Norway’s capital. Two people are seriously injured.

In an incident thought by the police to be related, a gunman opened fire on a camp of teenagers at the island of Utøya. They were gathering for a conference where Mr Stoltenberg was scheduled to speak on Saturday 23rd July 2011.

Those concerned about family members should call: 32 10 32 82 and 32 10 32 78, rather than use mobile phones. Police are advising residents of Oslo to stay indoors and keep informed via police announcements.

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