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Nigeria: Goodluck Jonathan Wins Presidential Election

On 18th April 2011, Goodluck Jonathan was once more declared the President of Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

The oil rich state was praised for an improvement in electoral procedure by a Commonwealth Oberserver mission. The chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group, former Botswana President Festus Mogae gave a full statement upon the announcement of the results:

“Previously held notions that Nigeria can only hold flawed elections are now being discarded and this country can now shake off that stigma and redeem its image. Notwithstanding the organisational deficiencies that resulted in the 2 April National Assembly elections being aborted after they had started, and in spite of persistent procedural inconsistencies and technical shortcomings, the elections for the National Assembly and the Presidency were both credible and creditable and reflected the will of the Nigerian people.

“The success of the electoral process must be attributed in large measure to the respect and confidence enjoyed by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), and in particular by its chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega. In him, the nation was able to look up to a person of deep integrity, transparency and commitment, who was determined to make every Nigerian’s vote count. His willingness to accept full responsibility for the fiasco of 2 April, and his readiness to postpone the National Assembly elections a second time in response to requests by the stakeholders, helped Nigerians keep faith in INEC, which eventually did not let them down.

“We commend the contribution made by the National Youth Service Corps, whose members worked as ad hoc INEC staff for the elections. These young Nigerians, a large number of whom were women, showed dedication and courage in helping to deliver a transparent electoral process, often in difficult conditions. They are a source of pride and hope for Nigeria.

“Our appreciation goes also to the Nigerian security forces, drawn from various services, whose strenuous and coordinated efforts ensured that the elections were largely held in an atmosphere of peace and order.

“But credit for the success of the electoral process must go, most of all, to the people of Nigeria themselves. Right from when we arrived in this country we were struck by the popular mood of determination to realise genuine democracy. We noted the deep-seated public frustration at the history of deficient elections and the desire to make a new beginning. Across the length and breadth of the country, the people of Nigeria demonstrated exemplary dignity, responsibility and forbearance, waiting the entire day peacefully and patiently under the hot sun, or in heavy rain, to exercise their franchise. We salute them and wish them well as the custodians of their hard-earned democracy.”

Despite the peaceful progress of the election itself, there was some violence with the Red Cross reporting 101 injuries.

Following the results, the Goodluck Jonathan Global Campaign Team expressed joy at the smooth running of the election, the professionalism of Professor Attahiru Jega of the Independent National Electoral Commission and thanked the opposition candidates:

“We thank General Mohammed Buhari (CPC Presidential flag bearer) for his integrity, courage and consistency of spirit and for displaying a formidable challenge for the Presidency, after all without a strong and well grounded opposition, the Nigerian presidential elections would not have turned out successfully the way it did. Your legacy of Integrity, strength of character and discipline truly lives on.

“We also thank Presidential flag bearer of ACN- Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu and Presidential flag bearer of ANPP- Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau for their fortitude and courage in challenging an Incumbent President with tenacity and purpose. Your Integrity shone through out the Presidential campaign and the Presidential elections.

“And finally we thank our campaign Boss- Ambassador Dalhatu Sarki Tafida Director General, Goodluck- Sambo Campaign Organisation for delivering the strategy as promised the President…

“…Congratulations to our formidable candidate and Boss; President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and Vice- President-elect Namadi Mohammed Sambo!

“It was a home run but most importantly it was simply down to Goodluck!”

In a country with a population of 150 million, Nigeria has 70 million eligible voters. Of these, INEC recorded over 22 million votes for the PDP in the Presidential elections, as well as 12 million for the CPC, 2 million for the ACN, 900,000 for the ANPP and 82,000 for the PDC.

The senate results were as follows:

  • PDP 45 seats
  • ACN 13 seats
  • ANPP 7 seats
  • CPC 5 seats
  • Others 4 seats

Total Number of Seats Declared 72 seats

The House of Representatives results were as follows:

  • PDP 123 seats
  • ACN 47 seats
  • CPC 30 seats
  • ANPP 25 seats
  • Others 9 seats

Total Number of Seats Declared 234 seats


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