Will the sun shine on Moon’s South Korea? – Inside Story

Will the sun shine on Moon’s South Korea? – Inside Story

It’s the return of liberalism in South Korea. The election of President Moon Jae-in marks a major shift in the country’s political landscape.

Conservatives have been in charge for nearly a decade.

But after the last six months, which ended with the previous president impeached and facing jail, it’s not surprising that South Koreans want change.

The question is – what will change look like?

Moon’s policies could lead to dialogue with North Korea, a long-time adversary, and could harm relations with the US, a long-time ally

Is he up to the challenges?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Robert Kelly, professor of political science and diplomacy at Pusan national university

Hwang Joung-Wook, law professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Affairs

Einar Tangen, political affairs analyst and specialist on China.

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