What exactly is the West ‘winning’? I Inside Story

Transatlantic relations are not what they were.
Neither is the relationship between France and Germany.
European leaders are concerned by U.S. president Donald Trump’s America First policy.
They’ve differed with him in several areas, from Iran to China.
This was reflected during the annual Munich Security Conference.
Divisions arose between leaders as they discussed whether the West is losing influence — to other global powers.
The answer from the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was ‘everything is just fine’.
Pompeo boasted the ‘West is winning’ and the transatlantic alliance is not dead.
He rejected remarks by Germany’s President who warned that the United States is putting its own interests first, at the expense of its allies.
But is the U.S. stance on global politics really that positive for western powers?
Or is it undermining their alliance?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Glenn Diesen, Professor of International Relations at the Higher School of Economics, and author of ‘The Decay of Western Civilization and Resurgence of Russia’.
Theresa Fallon, Director of the Centre for Russia, Europe, Asia Studies and Former Member of the Strategic Advisors Group to NATO.
Roderic Wye, Associate Fellow at Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House and Former Counsellor and Head of Research on Asia in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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