What do Black Lives Matter protesters in the UK want?

Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, protests have taken place around the world calling for an end to racism.

Black Lives Matter protesters in the US have been particularly calling for the end of police brutality towards black people in their country. 

But what do Black Lives Matter protesters in the UK want?

The Telegraph spoke to three people who have been involved in the UK protests to hear their views.

“What we want is equality, what we want is justice and what we want is to have the same opportunities as everybody around,” says protester Katrina Okuyiga, who attended some of the UK Black Lives Matter demonstrations. “Having our curriculum not so white-washed would make a massive change,” she adds.  

“Part of the reason we went to the protests was to highlight that people experience police brutality and police violence every single day. Our call is do divest from policing,” says Temi Mwale, a racial justice campaigner and founder of The 4Front Project. 

“The reason for that is because it’s really important that we actually invest in services, invest within communities, invest in mental healthcare, invest in opportunities, the things that are actually proven to increase people’s safety.”

For Black Lives Matter activist Gary McFarlane, there are some “easy wins” in his eyes for the Government to make, such as: “A full public inquiry into the disproportionate number of black and minority ethnic persons that have died in the Covid pandemic to date. A ban on tasers would cost the Government nothing. That’s been rolled out to all police forces in the country. That should be unrolled.”

“After the easy wins, we have the harder things to do perhaps…The uprooting of institutional racism in the NHS…in the education service, the civil service and…employment more generally.”

Watch the video to hear more about what some Black Lives Matter protesters want in the UK.

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