Wales’s health minister heard swearing about colleague during virtual sitting

Wales’s health minister has been heard swearing about a colleague during a virtual sitting after he accidentally left his microphone on.

Vaughan Gething had come to the end of answering questions during a plenary session, being held by Zoom, when he made the remarks.

He referred to Jenny Rathbone, Assembly Member for Cardiff Central, and said to an unknown person: “What the —- is the matter with her?”

Elin Jones, presiding officer of the National Assembly for Wales, quickly told Mr Gething to turn his microphone off.

After the session, a spokesman for the Welsh Government said: “The minister has contacted the member concerned to apologise.”

Mr Gething posted on Twitter: “I’m obviously embarrassed about my comments at the end of questions today.

“I’ve sent a message apologising and offered to speak to Jenny Rathbone if she wishes to do so.

“It is an unwelcome distraction at a time of unprecedented challenge.”

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